Wood Furniture: 

Some precautions:  

  • Moisture and heat can damage any wood finish.  Protect your furniture by using coasters and trivets.  Always wipe up moisture promptly and dry with a clean cloth.
  • Avoid dragging sharp or rough objects accross the surface of your wood furniture.  Use adhesive felt pads, placemats, etc as a barrier to prevent scratches.
  • Avoid direct contact with rubber bumpers, candle wax as these can react with the wood finish, leaving impressions or stains.
  • Wood will expand and contract with seasonal changes in humidity.  The best environment for your wood furniture is one that has consistent humidity and temperature.  Excess in either may result in warping or cracking over time.
  • Over time, air and sunlight will change the color of natural wood.  If your furniture is exposed to direct sunlight, you may want to rotate the piece throughout the year to ensure fading from the sun is consistent.

Regular care & maintenance:  

  • Your furniture is coated with a durable, clear finish.  It will hold up to most spills, splatters, and bumps.  So, it should only require the occasional wipe down. 
  • For normal cleaning, use a damp cloth with a mild non-abrasive soap.
  • To remove more aggressive messes, use a cleaner such as Simple Green, etc.  Avoid using cleaning products that contain ammonia as these can prematurely break down the clear finish.
  • Also, avoid using furniture polishes as these will build up over time and cause dulling and stickiness.....  not good.